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Driver safety is a number one priority for all organizations.

  • Monitor speed, harsh acceleration and breaking, hard cornering, swerving, etc.
  • Reduce aggressive driving behaviors with real time alerts if parameters set are exceeded
  • Provide information by driver for training to strengthen skills and improve driving behavior
  • Better understand your unique driving trends 
  • Reward employees for good driving scores 
  • Emergency locating
  • Respond quickly to emergency situations with immediate crash alerts, dispatching capabilities, and crash reconstruction reports
  • Panic Alert
  • Custom API Integrations
  • Customized Reporting



Elongate life of capital and reduce vehicle breakdowns and repairs.

  • Receive instant notification of engine trouble codes
  • Proactive maintenance for key stakeholders
  • Improve vehicle health and optimize vehicle performance
  • In vehicle electronic daily driver inspection application
  • Alerts for Repairs or Maintenance Reminders
  • Vehicle Diagnostics
  • OBD Fault Codes
  • Monitor Battery Voltage
  • Idle Reports
  • Fuel Consumption
  • IFTA Fuel Tracking
  • Vehicle Inspections (DVIR)
  • Electronic Logs (ELD)
  • Custom API Integrations
  • Customized Reporting



Telematics offers many functions in addition to basic “track and trace.”

  •  “Where are You?” (Location of driver, equipment, lawn mower, traffic sign, etc.)
  • Improve Utilization 
  • Efficiency
  • Improve theft recovery
  • Efficient routing and optimization 
  • Dispatch capabilities
  • Route Optimization
  • Real Time Weather Overlay
  • Custom API Integrations
  • Customized Reporting
  • Emergency Locating