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We are a Memphis-based, employee-owned fleet services software company providing transportation technology systems to both government and commercial fleets nationwide. Customers choose LB for its all-in-one platform, customizable solutions, and its quality customer service.


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Custom Fleet Solutions

LB Technology

All-in-One Platform

LB Technology’s FleetTrack platform offers all solutions- camera, ELD, DVIR, and GPS on a single platform. In addition, FleetTrack has open APls allowing for easy integration with third party software. The processing software and the back-office information reporting are all intellectual property owned by LB Technology and developed by its in house engineering and technology teams.

LB Technology

Customized Solutions

LB Technology specializes in custom solutions for unique fleets. Years of experience working with both government and commercial fleets has taught us that all fleets have different needs. Through an extensive pre-deployment interview process LB listens to the goals and challenges of each customer and deliver a customized, turn-key solution that can grow and change with the customer.

Unique Fleet Optimization
Personalized Fleet Services

LB Technology

Service & Support

Quality customer support is a key pillar in LB Technology’s business model. LB provides 24/7 tech support staffed by LB technicians based in Memphis, TN. In addition, each customer receives a dedicated Account Manager for the life of the contract. The Account Manager provides unlimited training and support as well as quarterly data reviews with customers.

LB Technology

Reliable Tracking For Any Type Of Asset

LB Technology carries a wide-range of devices ensuring that it can meet the needs of all types of fleets and equipment. All devices are carrier agnostic, giving LB the flexibility to choose the best service provider for each customer. Despite the chip shortage crisis, LB has a large stock of inventory allowing for quick deployments.

FleetTrack Plug & Play

The FleetTrack Plug & Play series of devices are by far the most deployed device type in our offering. This is partly due to the seamless nature of the installation process. These devices are designed to plug directly into the diagnostic port of the vehicle. They are capable of gathering a rich set of data from the vehicle’s ECM.


  • Easy Plug and Play installation
  • Small form factor
  • Driver behavior monitoring
  • Synchronization with engine computer
  • Driver Coaching Buzzer
  • Light-duty and Heavy-duty applications (Heavy-duty applications require splitter cable)
  • Back up battery to maintain GPS visibility after tamper event
  • Lower cost of entry

FleetTrack Hybrid

The FleetTrack Hybrid series of devices allows for the collection of data from the vehicle’s computer while also allowing for the monitoring of any ancillary systems through digital inputs. These devices are mostly deployed in scenarios where PTOs, temperature sensors, lights, and alarms need to be monitored.


  • Driver Behavior monitoring
  • Synchronization with engine computer
  • Digital input monitoring (PTO, temperature, etc.)
  • Driver Coaching Buzzer
  • Light-duty and Heavy-duty applications
  • Back up battery to maintain GPS visibility after tamper event

FleetTrack Ruggedized

The FleetTrack Ruggedized Hardwire solution is most suited for heavy-duty applications where the device will be exposed to the elements. Typical use cases include heavy equipment, trailers, maritime vessels, and lawnmowers.


  • IP66 rating
  • Driver Behavior monitoring
  • Digital input monitoring (PTO, temperature, etc.)
  • Back up battery to maintain GPS visibility after tamper event

FleetTrack Solar

The FleetTrack Solar series of devices are energy harvesting platforms that support long-term, remote deployments without the need to replace the battery. This solution does not require external power hookups and is mostly suited for applications of trailers, rail cars, and any asset that is exposed to long term sunlight.


  • IP 67 rating
  • Simple install with bolts or magnets
  • Driver Behavior monitoring
  • No external power necessary
  • Digital Input monitoring (PTO, temperature, etc.)

FleetTrack Battery

The FleetTrack battery powered series of devices contain rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that allow for tracking of non-powered assets. These trackers are best suited for short-term or temporary tracking measures such as packages, rented equipment, etc.


  • Compact size
  • Battery operated unit requires no wires external power
  • Low power alarm
  • Removal alerts
  • Motion alert
  • Temperature monitoring
  • IP66 rating

FleetTrack Camera

The FleetTrack camera series allows managers and admins to truly see what their drivers see. The event-based video eliminates the need to scan through media to search for incidents. LB Technology’s combined GPS + Camera solution eliminates the need for manual video retrieval while monitoring fleet activity on the map.


  • Proactive alerts based on driver behavior
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven alerts
  • Road facing/Driver facing cameras
  • Tamperproof case
  • Video retrieval does not require SD card retrieval
  • Ability to add up to four auxiliary cameras.
  • Low power management algorithm
  • Fully integrated GPS and Camera system

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